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jade hookSAVE 20% WITH SAVE20 COUPON for this and anything else in the shop. This is a lovely hand-carved pendant of natural Nephrite Jade from New Zealand. The hei matu, or fish hook, has endured since pre-colonial times (prior to the 18th century) and symbolizes abundance, and a respect for sea. The design represents the special relationship Maori people have with fishing (historically they lived from fisheries and depended on the sea for food gathering) and Tangaroa, god of the sea. Designs range from the ultra-realistic through to more conceptual styles, and wearing one is said to bring good fortune when traveling across oceans.

This beautiful piece measures approx. 45 mm long (approx.. 1 3/4") x approx. 23 mm. (just shy of 1") at its widest point. Thickness is approx. 3 mm. Hole at top for hanging is approx. 3 mm. wide.

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moonstone and gold 2The name "moonstone" was coined by the ancient Greeks to describe gemstones that displayed the moon's beautiful milky shimmer. If you wore a moonstone, it was believed to arouse true love; it was a magical talisman for lovers. Both Romans and Hindus believed Moonstone was formed out of moonlight, or drops of moonlight. It came to be associated with all those properties traditionally associated with the moon: romance, intuition, dreams, emotions, and femininity. Romans, Greeks and Egyptians associated the stone with moon goddesses such as Selene, Isis, and Diana.

Many believe it to be a healing stone as well, and one that will enhance intuition and insight. In India, Moonstone is thought to be sacred; according to one Hindu legend, if you hold one in your mouth during a full moon, you can see your own future.

In Gemology, Moonstone is a form of feldspar, remarkable for its glow or inner light. Fine moonstone is quite rare; it can be found in the United States, but the most valuable are found in Burma, Sri Lanka and India. The color may be white, gray, brown, yellow, orange, green or peach – and it may even be colorless. But the most stunning thing about it is its sheen, which can be white to deep flame blue.

rainbow moonstoneIt is so fascinating how it came to be; if you don’t adhere to the ‘drops of moonlight’ theory, you might be interested to know that the sheen effect is simply caused by the intergrowth of two different types of feldspar with different refractive indices. One ray of light enters another layer and is refracted back and forth by deeper layers before leaving the crystal. (But I think I’ll just keep believing it was formed from drops of moonlight...)

skull and moonstoneShown here from top to bottom are some exquisite creations from our Etsy colleagues:

Moonstone and gold bridal necklace from Omiya

Rainbow Moonstone necklace from beethingsstudio

Skull and Moonstone necklace from fisforfrank


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