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Bead of the Week

quartz and silver 2This is a beautiful, clear, natural Quartz crystal and silver pendant to use as a necklace or for crystal healing and insights (or both!). Approx. 35 mm long including bale (or approx. 1 1/2") and approx. 15 mm. (a bit over 1/2") wide. Exclusively for our friends and fans, please remember you can use code 14123 for a 20% discount on this or anything else in the shop!


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merry elephant wood and gemMany of you are jewelry designers, or those aspiring to learn the craft. Like a lot of folks, we at The Bead have learned from formal instruction, personal trial and error, and the wonderful mentoring of other artisans. If we had to put a label on our style, we'd likely say that we love the organic and natural, whether we make something elegant or something boho. We've been influenced by so many masters -- not the least of which are those who do things in entirely new and different ways.

Lately we've encountered some great artisans who are working in the theme of this post's title -- sticks & stones -- i.e., wood and gemstones. These pretty baubles are so inspiring! We thought a showing of a few of them might trigger some ideas for you if you haven't tried this particular combination already. (Or maybe just fall in love and buy from these awesome entrepreneurs...)

Above right, we feature some cool Boho wood bead & gemstone necklaces from The Merry Elephant on Etsy. So simple, yet striking and ultra-creative. They incorporate wooden beads, Prehnite, Pink Aventurine, and Golden Quartzite.

byjodi wood and gemHere at the left are some delicious tribal bracelets from byjodi on Etsy, featuring Peruvian Opal, fragrant Sandalwood, Nepal Inlaid Bone, Carved Bone and Bali Sterling Silver.

CoffeeAndBeads jasper woodAnd finally, below, this very cool creation from CoffeeAndBeads of Etsy, a handcrafted necklace of unakite jasper, jasper, turquoise, pearl, gold, and wood beads.

What new materials and/or combinations of materials are enticing you these days? We'd love for you to tell us about it, whether it's a journey into the wonders of silk ribbon, leather, rough gemstone, or...(to be continued by you, we hope!)

Until Next Time,


p.s. For those of you viewing this on devices that don't show our Bead of the Week feature, here's a pic of our African Trade Beads and a reminder of the  discount for friends & fans.


These beautiful beads were made in the mid 1800's. This shape and design were specifically known as "King Beads". Although they were made in Venice, these particular beads were actually traded into Africa where they were popular.

Total length of strand is approx 30 inches and there are 50 beads ranging from approx. 5 mm. to 20 mm. in width. The holes are approx. 3 - 4 mm.

You will receive the exact beads you see pictured here. They are temporarily strung and meant to be used in your own jewelry creations. You can click the HOME icon in the upper right hand corner to learn more, or go straight to our Etsy shop via this link: BeadyEyedBird


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